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These mix feels strictly speaking insulted by his first name. Because this very aromatic and quite probably-smelling fish flour seal cannot one actually when a "Stinker" to regard. It contains among other things different fishmeal, gammarus, daphnia and a part of fine ground birdfood on. This combination lends a rough surface texture, which likewise makes a good diffusion of flavour carriers and a replacement possible from small taste particles to it. Additionally a very strong attraction is lent by the correct choice of the Flavours to it. Without doubt a seal for the whole year!



Characteristics on a view:

  • Protein content approx. 38%
  • Mixture with a very pleasant aromatic smell
  • without synthetic flavours applicable
  • the rough structure makes a good flavour delivery possible in the water
  • good rollability, paste sticks something
  • for water temperatures starting from 8°C applicable
  • Hookbait-Firmness: ca. 10-14hours
  • Consistency: firmly/medium