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A plus of which the security of the hook seal concerns, is in this mixes to find. This mixture contains strongly hardening added, which lets the seal become extremely firm after cooling off. How often have you nights at the water spent, where you were allowed in the morning to tighten no more seal when catching up at the hair! This is to belong when this mixture from now on the past. It is recommended also for waters much, in which Catfish, large bream or crayfish foresaw it exactly on your hookbait. Push a latch plate in front of it and use you these "hard balls", in order to approach your goal fish again.



Characteristics on a view:

  • Protein content approx. 48%
  • extremely steadily against breams and cancer attacks
  • Mixture has an easily milky but neutral self-taste
  • the mixture for warm seasons
  • best rollability, paste sticks something
  • well suitably to the production of Minis (<16mm)
  • for water temperatures starting from 10°C applicable
  • Hookbait-Firmness: ca. 18-24hours
  • Consistency: very firmly/tough