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As the name already betrays, it acts with this mixture around one very good-tasting mixes itself these is enriched with different milk proteins, which hold the Flavour constantly and over long time in the seal. They increase additionally the nourishing value of the seal and have besides hardening characteristics, which become apparent under water. It is outstanding suitable for the production of "Instant Baits". It is not to be mentioned actually that innumerable beautiful fish this mix already its confidence gave. Therefore, you trust also us!



Characteristics on a view:

  • Protein content approx. 32%
  • the balanced carbohydrate-mix
  • baits have a very good self-taste (sweetly-creamy)
  • without synthetic Flavours applicable
  • optimal rollability, paste hardly sticks
  • for water temperatures starting from 10°C applicable
  • Hookbait-Firmness: ca. 12-16hours
  • Consistency: firmly/medium
  • since '95 of the hit under our mixes