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DCF stays for a melange out of Dog-, Catfood und Fishpellets. These ingredients constitute the elementary base of the Mixture with all necessary minerals, vitamins and biological high valued proteinens from meat-, poultry- and fishmeal. These melange give the fishs a change of natural food and makes them really addicted. Even in small waters up to 6ha Marc caught countless carps again and again. Ever you feed more and more, all the more trust the fishs this meaty-fishy baits.



Characteristics on a view:

  • Protein content approx. 28%
  • high biological digestibility
  • Mixture with a meaty-fishy flavour
  • without synthetic flavours applicable
  • perfect rollability, paste sticks hardly
  • for water temperatures starting from 8°C applicable
  • Hookbait-Firmness: ca. 8-12hours
  • Consistency: soft