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This unique Mixture is labeled with a fishmealproportion over 70%. It exists out of four different kinds of fishmeal, there based on LT-base. It is completely composited without soyameal, semolina, sweetkormeal or other carbohydrate-components - this stand it out against of the masses. Pure high-quality fishmeals, refine with acidcasein and bloodmeal make this Mixture for the fishs biological very precious. The rolled baits are very dark and have a strong flavour of fish and cod-liver oil, like a classic fishpellet.
One of the interessting features of this Mixture is however the behaviour under water. The baits forms after some hours little partikles on the skin, there are take of in the water and can be aware of the fishs very effective. We call it as evil-smelling active-baits, but this name is already been taken.



Characteristics on a view:

  • Protein content approx. 56%
  • high biological digestibility
  • Mixture with a very fishy tangy flavour
  • without synthetic flavours applicable
  • very good rollability, paste sticks hardly
  • for water temperatures starting from 6°C applicable
  • Hookbait-Firmness: ca. 12-16hours
  • Consistency: very hard/tough