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Now the possibility is finally offered by steambaits to you of concentrating from now on purposefully at the catch of principal carps. They should spend more time according to our opinion successfully at waters, than being occupied for hours with the seal production. That brings you definitely more carp!

In order to give you a safe feeling when fishing, which already begins with the confidence into a good seal, use simply our seals of the extra class. They know now finally which you at the hook have - a absolutely qualitybait!

Steambaits are, like the name already say, with one express effective refining process manufactured - with hot water vapour. The large deal with this method is the thought out temperature.
All conventionally manufactured Boilies is thrown so far in the cooking water. They lose here not only the added Flavour, but also the valuable vitamine and proteins, which are contained in it. They "are expenditure-cooked" proper and to lose thus at taste, which is lost as quality loss.
In contrast for this steambaits are refined at a temperature, which lets the protein of the fresh chicken egg straight coagulate in such a way. The Boilie is expenditure-cooked thereby in no way, which lends to it an unmistakable taste with high nutritive value.

Our Readymades, which we present you with pride, is based on over 25 years experience in the seal production. Finally the carp angler can use seals, which not only very high-quality in the quality, but in addition in the price are also legitimate. We are not businessmen, but carp anglers!
Address us gladly, with us can one talk. We are pleased already to be allowed to manufacture for you your individual steambaits.

steambaits ...your dreambaits!