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We offer a multiplicity of possibilities to you of selecting your individual steambait. Combine simply the mixture with our small, but very effectively selected Flavour assortment. Our slogan reads also here: dear use quality products, as an immense number of deposited Flavours!


Our Suggestions:

1. Choice
2. Choice
Maple Fudge
 Pro Taste
Banana Gold
Panna Cotta
 Pro Taste Plus
B.R. Truffle
Banana Gold
Maple Fudge
Exquisite Nuts
 Skunk Fish
Bloody Kiki
Banana Gold
 4 Sense Fish
Bloody Kiki
Jelly Meat
Bloody Kiki
Jelly Meat
Jelly Meat
Maple Fudge

Please observe the following references:

  • You can get only the baits with the diameter of 16 (Minis), 20 (Standard), 24 (Select) or 32 mm (Magnum Bullets). On inquiry we produce additionally a few Hookbaits in different sizes.

  • The minimum amount behaves 10kg (per 2kg-Bags). This consists of a mixture, baitsize and a Flavour.

  • Production takes place immediately after the order. Please give us however a lead time of at least 21 days, in order to be able to keep the date of delivery.

  • Of course we produce your individual steambait after arrangement with your default at mixture and Flavour.