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Our sugar-similar, crystalline Bait-Preserver comes from the food branch. It therefore understands itself nearly automatically that it concerns here an absolutely taste-neutral salt, which changes the smell and the taste of the finished seal in any way.

The preservative added with a dosage of 0.02 - 0.03kg mixed by Kilos mix the drying mixture and well. Afterwards it is completely regularly converted with the liquid eggs and the additives contained in it to paste. The preservative the liquid egg do not give!

In order to go surely that the Boilies remains durable also for a long time, it should be dried it at least two days before packing. Afterwards they are many weeks preserved with a storage temperature between 15 and 25°C.

Capacity: 0.5kg Preserver are enough for 17 to 25kg drying-mix (25 - 35kg Readymades).


This case can be happen without enough Preservation! Our Preserver is excellent suitable against in all kind of mould-educate - naturally carp-friendly and moreover cheap.