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At the beginning, the smell of strawberryflavour fascinated not only the carpist. A absolutely classic under the admitted Fruitflavoures, that our Multifruit being entitled replaces.

Panna Cotta  

Panna Cotta*

The sweety and cremige smell does not coat the Baits such as morning fog the lake this smell goes any longer out of the baitkitchen! A classical author - for Instant Baits the best choice.

Excuisite Nuts  

Exquisite Nuts

This flavour is like a Dip for the bait. The basis is a vegetable oil, which lends a natural taste to the Bait. Perfect a rounding for nutmixes and high water temperatures.

Bloody Kiki  

Bloody Kiki*

A trueful badly smelling of things. A natural combination of crayfish, shrimps and fishoil.

Natural Spice  

Natural Spice

It concerns here a natural melange of extremely taste-intensive spices out of the food sector. This intensive smell experience, consisting of cinnamon, coriander, piment, carnations, macis, anise, cardamom and a breath by vanilla-bourbon is recommended straight in the cold season much!

* This flavour isn't to buy